• Robust Oncology Forecasting Platform

    Visualise and interact with custom-built dynamic forecasts for oncologic diseases across 7 countries (EU5, USA and Japan), with the ability to differentiate between treated patients within a disease area population by line of treatment and regimen as well as launch new products with user-specified parameters.


    Oncostrat ™ utilises dynamic forecast models to incorporate the flow of patients into, through and out of all lines of therapy to build a complete and realistic interpretation of the patient journey through treatment.


    For each disease area listed in Oncostrat™ sources are listed by the parameter to which they relate, and a detailed methodology is provided. Oncostrat™ disease areas are built out using primary and secondary market research as well as our in-house epidemiological database ‘Epiomic™’ and pharmaceutical pricing database ‘RxPriceIndex™’.


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  • Epidemiological Database for Patient Populations

    Explore a broad range of disease populations across at least 27 major global markets with the ability to segment by clinically relevant parameters such as severity scales, co-morbidities, biomarkers and more.


    Epiomic ™ functionality and intuitive user interface allow for the segmentation of disease populations to derive results which are concise, reputable and individual to the users specific interest.


    Epiomic ™ features transparent and detailed methodologies for each of the diseases listed in the database as well as the sources which have been used in the analysis for all the component sub-populations.


    Epiomic ™ has an extensive coverage of some 9,500+ subpopulations across 200+ diseases in at least 27 major global markets. Each disease has been included based on topicality with focus in recent years on rare diseases.

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  • Pricing Database of Pharmaceutical Products

    By delivering powerful insights and up to date pharmaceutical pricing data you can understand the pricing landscape by seamlessly searching for and comparing pharmaceutical products across European, American and Japanese markets.


    RxPriceIndex ™ provides a rapid analytical tool for inspection and segmentation of the European therapeutic landscape to find the information needed and to understand the competitive environment and determine price points.


    RxPriceIndex ™ supplies an extensive coverage of 26 European markets and the US (with additional countries added monthly based on demand). All information from these markets is translated and standardised to an internal language using a series of data libraries & algorithms to ensure data quality.


    RxPriceIndex ™ combines both public and private sources to provide the most accurate and complete country coverage. Furthermore, where necessary we use multiple sources per country to verify both accuracy and coverage.

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  • Product Development & Lifecycle Database

    Explore the journey of a healthcare product through research and development, regulatory approval, launch of additional indications, through to loss of exclusivity. The Journey sets out the clinical trials landscape clearly and utilises analytical tools to predict the chance of product success and post-launch future outcomes.


    The Journey™ functions as a comprehensive clinical trial and portfolio optimisation tool, which is ultimately focused on providing a clear understanding of a products route to market as well as the clinical development pathways of assets in therapeutic markets. In doing so, The Journey ™ allows users to identify product competitors, potential new product launches, market disruptors and dominant manufacturers by therapeutic area.


    The Journey ™ is updated monthly to reflect new clinical trials and product launches which provides users with the capability to act dynamically and not be held to ransom by time in the constantly evolving pharmaceutical sphere.

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