Comprehensive Oncology Forecasting Platform

Onco-Strat™ provides ready built incidence-driven disease forecast models based on the dynamic flow of patients through clinical guideline specific treatment algorithms. Patients are flowed through lines of therapy which are further broken down into current and predicted treatment regimens available within each line of therapy.

Data visualisations showing treated patient numbers are available by regimen, molecule, line of therapy and named product. Views and outputs are also available for revenue and volume (mg) for molecules and branded/generic products.

The forecast analysis is provided with the ability to customise the market view of interest including selection of line of therapy, treatment setting / flow, country and forecast period. New product launches are presented alongside those included in the existing forecast, with the flexibility to switch new product launches on and off as well as incorporate user-specified new product launches. All data visible on screen is available for download as pre-formatted Excel files.

Each disease area forecast is tailor-made using primary market research, KOL input and handpicked secondary research of academic papers by our team of oncology market experts.

Creating value for your business
Oncostrat ™ contains 22 individual cancer types across T5 EU, American and Japanese markets with further expansions scheduled.
  • Dynamic Forecasting
    Our forecast models incorporate the flow of patients into, through and out of all lines of therapy to build a complete and realistic interpretation of the patient journey through treatment.
  • Graphical Forecast Visualisations
    A choice of 4 styles of graph to visualise user selected forecast outputs with the ability to easily switch on and off the data displayed.
  • Transparent
    For each disease area, the sources used are all listed by the parameter to which they relate, and detailed methodology is provided.
  • Robust Sourcing
    Utilising numerous sources including Black Swan Analysis’ own databases: Epiomic™ and the Rx Price Index™, as well as primary and secondary research.
  • Ease of Use
    Our intuitive dashboard makes it simple to navigate lines of therapy, regimen and constituent products quickly and easily, as well as aggregate data for multiple countries.
  • Downloadable
    Download treatment populations straight into Excel, including all countries and criteria selected.
  • Ad-hoc Reports
    We can build custom scenario-sensitive forecasts on request to suit the client needs.
  • Support
    With the live support feature, any queries receive a rapid response.
Oncostrat ™ delivers a unique solution to make business decisions clear.
Market size
What is the potential market size for my product?
The Onco-Strat platform can be used to gauge the size of treated populations within one or more lines of therapy, for which a product may potentially gain an indication if approved.
Launching a new product
How would the launch of my new product be adopted by the current and future oncology market?
Onco-Strat has the functionality to launch new products with user defined parameters including: launch date, product uptake curve, price, therapy line indication, source of business from current in-market products, country(s) and treatment persistency.
How are treated patient populations for specific lines of therapy calculated?
Cancer incidence data is divided by stage, risk factors and/or histopathology/mutation using primary and secondary research. These populations are assigned to entry points to treatment based on clinical guidelines. Patients then flow dynamically through the model to generate populations by line of therapy and regimen.
Data integrity
Why should I trust this data?
All sources used are thoroughly vetted and of the highest quality. The Onco-Strat team provide support and guidance on sourcing for all variables within the forecast model. Furthermore, model outputs are validated against known sales values for specific marker products.
How do I access forecasts?
Data can be accessed via subscriptions to the platform (universal, category or disease specific), reports or framework agreements.
Custom Requests
What if I need functions which are not available on the platform?
The Onco-Strat team regularly undertakes ad-hoc client work to support specific business requirements. Contact us for further information.
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