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Comprehensive Pricing Database With Our Clients In Mind.

The Rx Price Index platform was designed with the client in mind, in order to support business decisions with accurate and reliable pharmaceutical pricing information.

With access to historical pricing information from June 2015, you are able to understand and visualise the European pricing market environment. By trending individual products for price fluctuations, you can plot product launch order across markets with price at launch, as well as gauge generic market entry price and branded product price erosion in that country.

All product information in the database is translated into English and then aligned to an internal standard language allowing product comparison across all countries. The platform contains detailed product information down to the pack quantity and strength of the product, providing a complete overview of the current individual market or global landscape.

The platform displays the Ex-Factory price (also known as Manufacturer price or List price) for every record. Furthermore, by using country-specific margins and mark-ups that have been verified with a panel of external experts, the Wholesaler, Pharmacy and Retail prices have also been provided.

Creating value for your business
‘The Rx Price Index’ Covers 26 EU Markets and the US with future expansions scheduled.
  • Intuitive User Interface
    An easy to navigate user interface makes it simple to conduct a rapid analysis of the European therapeutic landscape to find the information needed and to understand the competitive environment and determine price points.
  • Wide Coverage of European Markets
    Extensive coverage of 26 European markets and the US with additional countries added every month based on demand. Core coverage includes EU5 (UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain), the Nordics and the Baltic Markets.
  • European Launch Order
    Determine the optimal launch sequence for new products based on EU reference market price points, and by analysing competitor product launch order and price setting.
  • Longitudinal data
    With historical pharmaceutical pricing information from June 2015 at your fingertips, the Rx Price Index helps you understand the evolution of the pricing environment as well as track price fluctuation, country revision of price and LOE impact on price and generic entry time.
  • Monthly Updates
    The platform is updated on a monthly basis to ensure that any changes or new developments in the market such as current pricing developments and new product launches are captured and displayed.
  • Standardisation of data
    Directly compare drug prices across all markets. All of our information is translated and standardised to an internal language using a series of data libraries & algorithms to ensure data quality and to aid the exporting process to excel.
  • Data Sources
    The platform combines both public and private sources to provide the most accurate and complete country coverage. Furthermore, where necessary we use multiple sources per country to verify both accuracy and coverage.
  • Price Types
    The platform displays Ex-Factory Price, Wholesaler price, Pharmacy price and Retail price. These price points have been calculated by using country specific margins and mark-ups as well as additional taxes, fees and VAT.
Rx Price Index™ delivers a unique solution to make business decisions clear
Competitor Pricing
Which competitor drugs are available in European markets and what price are they set at?
Providing a comprehensive snapshot of the market giving a reliable picture of the competitive terrain. You will be able to access product information by licence holder and brand name, down to the product pack size and strength.
Launch Planning
How does the database enable me to determine the optimal launch sequence for new products?
Helping you determine the optimal launch sequence for new products based on EU reference market price points. Furthermore you will be able to analyse your competitor’s launch pattern and price setting and/or the impact that an LOE event will have on price erosion.
Custom Access
Can I access the data partially or request custom reports?
Should you not find the data that you are looking for or would require analysis of the data that you have accessed, we can provide ad-hoc custom reports tailored to your needs.
What price can I set for my drug?
Helping you lay the foundation for a transparent pricing strategy based on established price points in the market. All of the pricing information is sourced, and the margins and mark-ups are documented allowing you to build a robust and accurate pricing strategy.
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