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Delineating The Journey Of Regimen’s To Market.

The Journey™ is a clinical trial and portfolio optimisation tool focused on providing a clear understanding of products route to market and the clinical development pathways of assets in therapeutic markets. The platform provides a detailed picture of the current and future market environments within healthcare. The Journey ™ delivers its considerable functionality through the utilisation of a number of novel tools.

Clinical Trials Pathfinder

Discover how successful assets have made it to market with this tool for tracking the clinical development pathway. Specific active substances or products can be selected and suitable analogues tracked by first indication, subsequent indications, or the full journey of the clinical trial.

Portfolio Development Predictor

This has been designed to give an overview of historical development of assets at the manufacturer or indication level. It provides a view of typical development of assets through a number of core metrics. While past results do not indicate future success, the tool can be used to gauge the potential time and number of assets needed at each phase to bring a product to market.

Future Market Landscape

This tool provides a clear view of the competitive market landscape of all current and future events that can impact your product. This enables our clients to look at what treatments are currently available, what will be available in the future and to map out key events – including the entry of new brands and the genericization of previous innovative products.

Creating value for your business
The Journey provides a valuable insight as to the product development and lifecycle of a regimen and it’s effect on the wider landscape.
  • Breadth of Data
    Combining multiple datasets (including current and historical clinical trial data & governmental regulatory bodies) in order to generate a complete product overview
  • Clarity
    Ability to view all products on the market for a specific indication or active substance
  • Broad Coverage
    Covering USA and 5 major European markets
  • Application
    Identify product competitors, potential new product launches, market disruptors and manufacturers in a therapeutic area
  • Dynamic
    Updated monthly to reflect new clinical trials and product launches
  • Ease of Use
    Our intuitive interface makes it simple to navigate indications, active substances and manufacturer data.
  • Downloadable
    Download data straight into Excel.
  • Support
    With the live support feature, any queries have a rapid response.
The Journey delivers a novel solution to make business decisions clear.
What are the business applications for The Journey?
The Journey can provide route to market assumptions based on clinical trial and other regulatory data, in addition to providing competitive intelligence by highlighting key players within a therapeutic area and products available for a certain indication. It can also provide the probability of clinical trial success for a product or therapy area based on the results of similar products in the therapy area and the time it would take for a product to progress between clinical trial stages.
Why should I trust this data?
The data is sourced from clinical trial registries and other regulatory bodies such as the FDA and EMA.
How do I access this data?
The data can be accessed via subscription to the database. Custom reports and analyses are available on an ad-hoc basis.
What if I need data that isn’t available on the platform?
Product analyses can be requested on an ad-hoc basis. Contact us to ask for a feasibility assessment.
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