Many of our biotech clients are in need of support to help build business cases to either secure investment or help out-licence their technology. This can be via provision of forecasts, detailed epidemiology reviews or providing documentation to support due diligence or regulatory interactions.

T25 Pharma

Typically business analyst / brand teams or business development teams come to us for specialist epidemiology and forecasting services, which can be provided through database subscriptions and ad-hoc consulting services.


Similar to biotech clients and T25 pharma, we assist investment companies in truly understanding the potential value in early stage healthcare assets. This can be either through provision of robust datasets for forecast inputs (subscription access to our proprietary on-line databases) or with ad-hoc forecast valuation support.

Customer reviews

The service – whether it be consultancy or database driven – that we provide our clients is of the upmost importance to all the team here at BlackSwanAnalysis. Each project which is undertake is treated independently of any other to allow an appropriate bespoke course of action to be taken in each case. We are proud of the way we serve our clients and believe the following testimonies give and insight of the comprehensive service that we are motivated to plan and deliver.

A Director of Global Rheumatology

We have been incredibly satisfied with the work which Black Swan have provided my colleagues and I for the past few years. With several therapeutics in development and launching imminently, robust dynamic forecast models are essential for an accurate insight, Black Swan are fully capable of building and maintaining easy to understand models with considerable functionality. In addition, knowledge that their team conduct themselves with great professionalism and transparency is a factor which we hold in high regard and is fundamental for our repeat custom. 

Consulting – Customer Review

An Associate Director Market Access

The Rx Price Index has helped us with understanding the European pharmaceutical market landscape.  We were able to build our business case around value-based pricing by integrating competitor’s price points, European launch order and LOE driven price events.  Furthermore, we could use our pricing assumptions in our commercial forecasts as the data was validated, robust, could be sourced and all margins and mark-ups were transparent and checked against the individual markets’ assumptions.

Rx – Customer Review

Business Development Manager

Comprehension of the ‘true’ burden of disease is a factor which is undermined by poor epi-data and having dealt with previous suppliers I had entered negotiations tentatively with Black Swan Analysis. However, it was apparent after several calls with the team and a demo on the Epiomic platform that this offering was something very different. The granularity obtained by accurate segmentation of the data, detailed subpopulations and the ability to select/reject countries included in the analyses are factors which buoyed my interest in the product. But it was the outstanding aftercare by the team in answering questions which I had about specific ‘classification criteria’ and ‘treatment populations’ which lead to the extension of my organisations ‘universal subscription’. Finally, such is the confidence that we have in Epiomic that the resource has spanned several product teams and regions to become our sole epidemiological data source.

Epiomic – Customer Review

Market Access EMEA – Oncology

The unmet need for a robust and accessible Oncology forecasting platform has been apparent for many years, with many pharmaceutical/biotech’s (including our own) opting to outsource for bespoke models in order to understand the cancer landscape. However, having received delivery of several custom models from BSA, we were excited to investigate the functionality of their in-house platform (Oncostrat), the wide range of solid and liquid tumours across many major markets in the database allowed ‘our company’ to input regimens which are about to launch,  generate dynamic models of the ‘share steals’ to best target as well as allowing us to vary launch dates in order to maximise our margins (and take advantage of other regimens LOE). This has ultimately led us to renew our license the platform!

Oncostrat – Customer Review
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